“Without the style, substance and flair of Laura’s sense of design I do not believe I would have realized the tremendous return I made on the resale of my Calgary property. Her keen sense of color, space utilization and attention to detail greatly enhanced the “wow” factor to agents and prospective buyers alike. I thoroughly recommend Laura to anyone looking to improve the “showing” ability of a property and have no doubt that she is tremendous value to anyone looking to improve the cosmetic and functional appeal of their space. Thanks again Laura!” - R. Miles

“Laura is enthusiastic and works her buns off, weekends included. She is also smart enough to have her own warehouse of furniture and a great moving crew at her disposal. In the past 5 years Laura Le has helped me on numerous occasions. She is flexible and works as well on large estate homes as small, one-bedroom condos. Whatever I ask for she gets the job done…Creative Enhancement’s prices are very competitive. Staging is a lot of work and believe me, it is money well invested… - Kelly Leech   “The Smiling Aussie”   Re/Max First

“First and foremost, through the creations, arrangements and staging of Creative Enhancement, and especially Laura Le, I was able to bring about a quicker sale at a higher dollar value. Of course, this is the pinnacle of maintaining customer satisfaction and return business. As a member of the million-dollar club, I understand that selling requires reaching out to the emotions of the buyer. Creative Enhancement’s staging has helped me make the journey quick and easy. I sincerely say that your home staging has helped me achieve my goals, while producing the results my clients’ expected.”
Anibal Rodrigues, Realtor


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